Steel Chain Grimace

from by Ausable Killings



The chains around your neck are made of steel and forged by future savior. Your soul will be trapped, I speak in facts, you're destined for a life with Satan. Before you serve, let's have some fun; your skin would look real nice on me. Welcome to the house of horrors. Say your peace and let the show begin.

We'll slice you up, we'll dice you up, we're gonna make all of your blood jump. The bend of your spine we'll use for a bone chime, It reminds me of the curve of my scimitar. You're in for a treat, your future is bleak, you're destined for a hell fiery peek.

See my blade. This is my blade. Feel my blade. It is my blade.

It's okay, everything will be alright, just do what we say: Swallow these razor blades. Time to let go, time for goodbyes, mention our names to Nyrgal at the gates of Hell.

Not so fast cause I ain't done, the torment hasn't even begun. Your arms are strapped with the strands of hair of bitter men that sat in that chair. Come on now, show us some fight! We're gonna start carving you up like its Thanksgiving tonight. Now where do we go from here?

Should we burn him? Yeah. Boil him? Yeah. Disembowel him? Yeah. What else should we do? Stretch him? Yeah. Stone him? Yeah. Skin him? Yeah, all that too.


from Dead Bods, released December 27, 2013



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This is where you're gonna die.

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